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Reduce Your Detention & Demurrage

Expert Strategies and a Dedicated Team for Detention & Demurrage Fee Mitigation

A Team of Experts on Your Side

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Strategies and technology to support increased efficiency
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Proactive communication for cost-savings opportunities
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Location monitoring, updates, and reports for billing accuracy

Reduce Costs Mitigating Your Detention & Demurrage

Negotiate fees with equipment owners
detention demurrage strategy
Dispute inappropriate fees with carriers
detention demurrage discovery
Approve payment of validated invoices
detention demurrage insights
Geofencing capabilities supporting accurate billing
detention demurrage geofencing
Terminal connectivity providing truck and chassis locations
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Integration with your existing tech stack for cost visibility
Customized strategies to meet your specific needs
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Monitoring and communication ensuring you’re always informed
detention demurrage knowledge
Inland transportation solutions for continued efficiency
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What Industry Leaders Are Saying

    “Our experience with GSL has been outstanding and can always be counted on to get the job done. GSL sits well above most service providers, as they have a multitude of services they can provide, and have become a one stop shop for us in most cases. Aside from the very knowledgeable front-line teams handling the day to day, their leadership also is always accessible and prompt to address any opportunities and other special requests when called upon. I would 100% recommend GSL!”

    “GSL has provided a great service to us. Their organization has a nice ‘customer service-oriented feel.’ This is felt from the office staff to the drivers. They have shown flexibility, informed us of potential industry challenges, helped us navigate through unplanned bumps in the road, and saved us quite a bit of money.  We appreciate the partnership with GSL and look forward to working together in the future!”

    Reduce Your Detention Demurrage Fees

    Reduce Your Detention & Demurrage Fees with Our Port Drayage and Inland Transportation Team of Experts

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