hero Advancing the Industry

Advancing the Industry

Amplifying the Voices of the Industry for Greater Good

Building a Brighter Future with the Harbor Trucking Association

Founded in 2007

The port trucking industry has faced many naysayers over the years. The industry’s reputation had been tarnished to the extent that the Port of Los Angeles wanted to create a closed market, only allowing 5 to 10 truckers to operate in their port. Issues like this fueled Fred Johring and other trucking executives to form what is now the Harbor Trucking Association (HTA) to amplify the voice of the trucking industry with ports, terminals, steamship lines, politicians, and the Federal Maritime Commission.  

In 2010, Fred was called to testify in front of Congress on the employee vs. contractor issue.

The Voice Becomes More and More Audible

As the years passed, the voice became more and more audible, with the HTA supporting “best practices” in the industry, and promoting collaboration with ports, terminals, and more. Multiple meetings with stakeholders kept current issues in the forefront.  

GSL has been a major assist to the Federal Maritime Commission who investigated questionable practices by the steamship lines in assessing per diem. We were able to provide them documentation proving the allegations they had brought to the lines, enabling them to assess significant penalties for “bad behavior.”

Addressing Issues One by One

There is always a list of issues that are impacting the trucking industry, and the Harbor Trucking Association is an excellent place for them to be addressed.

Today, our entire leadership team serves on the board of HTA and are very active in the issues.

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What Industry Leaders Are Saying

    “Our experience with GSL has been outstanding and can always be counted on to get the job done. GSL sits well above most service providers, as they have a multitude of services they can provide, and have become a one stop shop for us in most cases. Aside from the very knowledgeable front-line teams handling the day to day, their leadership also is always accessible and prompt to address any opportunities and other special requests when called upon. I would 100% recommend GSL!”

    “GSL has provided a great service to us. Their organization has a nice ‘customer service-oriented feel.’ This is felt from the office staff to the drivers. They have shown flexibility, informed us of potential industry challenges, helped us navigate through unplanned bumps in the road, and saved us quite a bit of money.  We appreciate the partnership with GSL and look forward to working together in the future!”

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