Customized Transloading Solutions: Tailoring Operations to Meet Business Needs

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The explosive growth in e-commerce has resulted in an increased need for transloading tracking and technology.

As e-commerce has played a major role in sparking the freight increase by making it easier for businesses to connect with suppliers and new markets around the world, evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence and real-time tracking have allowed the shipping industry to keep pace with demand despite less manpower available.

The key to safe travels for any cargo, perishable or nonperishable, is the ability to customize routes and modes of transportation to deliver goods in the least expensive and quickest way possible.

Third-party logistics companies that embrace technology have pioneered better transloading solutions and made a difference in the ever-evolving supply chain. It shows in tracking, billing, communication, and every aspect of the supply chain.

Industries Benefiting from Customized Transloading

Whether it is a need for port drayage or inland transportation, the abilities of a third-party logistics company to customize each route and mode of transportation and secure the proper transloading equipment are keys to avoiding demurrage and detention fees.

Transloading is moving goods from one mode of transportation to another, such as truck to rail car for the long haul. It is growing in popularity because it saves on fuel costs, reduces the number of over-the-road trucks and drivers needed, reduces the supply chain’s carbon footprint and emissions, and allows for direct delivery to multiple locations.

The difference between intermodal and transloading? With intermodal, containers are never unsealed in transit. With transloading, several goods can be shipped in a container together, then split up along the way for direct delivery to multiple customers. One rail car can hold up to four truckloads of cargo.

Advantages of Customizable Transloading Solutions

Transloading isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept. Forklifts may be needed for one transload, and conveyors, pumps, cranes, or front loaders may be needed for others.

Why use logistics companies that specialize in transloading solutions?

Some benefits:

  • Speed to market: Custom solutions allow shippers to track their freight in real time and, if problems arise, can make quick adjustments en route. Some cargo may best be delivered by truck, others by train for the long haul.
  • Best mode possible: Transloading allows logistics companies to use the best modes of transportation for each shipment, reducing shipping time and cost.
  • Reduced handling: One of the benefits of transloading is having to rely on fewer hands touching the freight. The less chance for human error, the safer the cargo, which in itself reduces costs.
  • Cost savings: Shipping by train is a cheaper option than sending truckloads of goods across the country by truck. That is where transloading pays off. It makes rail available for businesses that don’t have tracks near or next to their locations. Another key advantage is eliminating excess storage and fees.

Customized Transloading in SoCal with Golden State Logistics

For all of its benefits, transloading logistics is not for the faint of heart. The headache of making sure every piece of cargo is accounted for takes on added pressure when the shipments are passing through California.

The Golden State is regarded as the leader in green initiatives for the shipping industry. California’s goal is to increase supply chain efficiency and, at the same time, reduce and eliminate the industry’s carbon footprint.

Golden State Logistics’ business model is set up to specifically deal with all of California’s green regulations while excelling in the ability to offer customizable transloading solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs and operational goals.

At GSL, we offer:

  • Deep-rooted expertise in Southern California's logistics landscape.
  • Tailored solutions that cater to the unique challenges and opportunities of operating in Southern California.
  • Established network and partnerships within Southern California, ensuring a smooth logistics experience for importers.
  • A fleet of more than 500 private chassis for reliable, quality service throughout the shipping process.
  • The latest technologies to streamline operations and increase our customers’ freight visibility with the support of EDI and API, real-time updates, and more.

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach offer unique challenges, and GSL is a partner that doesn’t just understand logistics, but also Southern California. Importing in Southern California becomes a seamless experience with GSL.

To learn more about the advantages of GSL or to book service, click here.

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Customized Transloading Solutions: Tailoring Operations to Meet Business Needs

The headache of making sure every piece of cargo is accounted for takes on added pressure when the shipments are passing through California.